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National Night Out educates public about police roles

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated since its original publication. UTD hosted a cookout for National Night Out, providing free food, entertainment...

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New halal restaurant not worth wait time

Charcoal Avenue is satisfactory with average flavor, and the only interesting part of the restaurant is the atmosphere and fact that it serves...

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‘Golden Circle’ falls flat with weak plot

“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” contains intense, violent actions scenes, similar to what made the first so satisfying to watch. Unfortunately, with a predictable...

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SG Report: 10/2/2017

UTD App OIT’s Manager of Mobile Applications Wayne Peterson, is spearheading the creation of the UTD app. SG’s role in the development of...

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Frat welcomes incoming members

A newly chartered fraternity introduced its inaugural class this semester. Phi Delta Theta got its start on campus in August 2015 as an...

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Ethnic diversity on campus

UTD recently ranked fifth in a report of different ethnically-diverse campuses in the United States. The list of rankings, released in the 2018...

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