Day: October 2, 2017

Life & Arts

Power to the people

Near the crowded Science Learning Center and bustling street of Rutford Avenue stands a tall and tan concrete building with slats on the...

Life & Arts

On the road to recovery

Following the wake of destruction left by Hurricane Harvey, students and staff from UTD mobilized to provide relief for those affected in Houston....


Golf team swings for a better start

The women’s golf program started this season with a series of new individual and team records as they work to establish the program...


Soccer player eyes record

A promising women’s soccer player is on her way to beat UTD’s all-time assist record of 29. Junior forward Melissa Fulfer began this...

Editor's PicksOpinion

Critics need greater understanding of players’ protests

There is an old saying, overused to the point of cliché. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me....




Poor clowns


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