Day: October 5, 2015


Syrian struggle hits home

Refugee crisis garners support from students in United States The Obama administration has stated that due to the influx of refugees fleeing their...


Students react to Trump

Concern spreads over candidate’s comments about women, autism Comments made by Donald Trump over the course of his presidential campaign about autism and...


Outdated word needs to be put down

Use of word “retarded” detrimental to those with mental handicaps, needs to no longer be used in modern conversations Words are funny. A...


Community response to Mohamed arrest brings hope

Irving teen receives outpouring of support from across the nation after being detained for taking homemade clock to school One of the things...


LGBTQ conference coming to campus

Speakers include actors, politicians, Navy SEALS To aid LGBTQ students’ transitions into the workforce, Out for Work — a California-based company — will...


Golden Child

Volleyball team befriends girl battling to stay in remission from Leukemia Applause rained down from the Activity Center’s stands as Kaitlyn Renee Johnson...


Why Carry?

Corrections: In a previous version of this article, Dennis McCuistion’s name was misspelled. Also, the time Will Perkins served in the Army was...


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