Day: September 3, 2004


Sports Briefs 09/07/04

<strong>Power Dancers to hold tryouts Sept. 14</strong> The UTD Power Dancers have announced the dates for their audition of new members for the...


Trading Waterview Spaces returns

Is your apartment dull? Is your couch missing legs and cushions? Only four walls to call your own? Never fear, Trading Waterview Spaces...


‘Gaza Zoo’ communicates its message

Artist and author Laray Polk, whose work is currently on display in the Visual Arts building, has finally received the last element that...


McDermott Library shelves one-millionth volume

Few books deserve acknowledgment as “one in a million,” but as of Sept. 10, any volume at the McDermott Library would fit that...


Johnson takes inspirational message to youth

Janie Johnson from the Office of Enrollment Services spoke at the Potter’s House Convention this summer encouraging young students to consider college. This...


Orange crush

UT Austin has the Student Orange Bloods. Duke has the Cameron Crazies. Now, UTD has the Comet Crush. The Crush, UTD’s brand new...


Waterview policy revised

Early this summer, residency requirements for the Waterview Park Apartments changed drastically in a move by the management to boost occupancy. The policy...


Cheerleaders reach for new heights

Stretching, planning and practicing, hopefuls joked around with one another, while waiting to prove their skills at the first meeting of UTD’s Comet...


My two cents

<em>Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much...


Campus Voices

The <em>Mercury</em> asks, “What will you do to commemorate the third anniversary of the September 11th attacks?” “The UTD Police Department is planning...


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