Waterview policy revised

Early this summer, residency requirements for the Waterview Park Apartments changed drastically in a move by the management to boost occupancy.

The policy adjustment opened up the apartments to a greater number of students by lessening the number of enrolled hours required for residency. It also allowed faculty and staff the option of living at Waterview, which was previously prohibited.

The decision to change the requirements came as Waterview residency levels fell particularly from the freshman apartments.

“Our retention of students was the same, but our new student numbers were down,” said Kim Winkler, assistant dean of students.

Undergraduates are now only required to be enrolled in three hours of courses, down from nine, to be eligible for a Waterview apartment. The requirements for incoming freshman remain the same.

There are no restrictions for faculty and staff to move in.

Winkler said she wasn’t concerned that the new requirements would spark controversy.

“It’s common on campus for faculty to have the opportunity to live on campus,” Winkler said.

In any case, the faculty and staff will represent a minority in the apartments.

“I’d say there are only about two or three,” Garza said.

The changes have been effective so far.

“(Waterview is) almost full. Phases I-VII have all been leased,” Winkler said. “There are only a few apartments in the Freshmen Phases left.”

Winkler believes the policy will be flexible in the future.

“We’ll change the policy to meet the needs of the university and the students,” Winkler said.

Yet Winkler said students should not worry about sudden changes affecting their status as residents.

“If the policy requirements were changed, students would be given plenty of notice,” Winkler said.

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