Trading Waterview Spaces returns


Is your apartment dull? Is your couch missing legs and cushions? Only four walls to call your own? Never fear, Trading Waterview Spaces returns to help spruce up two lackluster apartments.

Co-sponsored by The Mercury, Residential Life and Waterview Park, each team will be given $500 and a day to transform each others living room in their Waterview Park apartments.

“The first edition of Trading Waterview Spaces set the bar high for creativity and enthusiasm among the participants, but I am confident we can find an equally talented group for this year’s project,” said Jay Miller, student media adviser.

Last year, the redesign was offered only to Phase VIII freshmen after a previous year’s attempt failed due to apathy. Freshman seemed to be the most excitable, but this year the redecoration will be open only to Phases I-VII.

“We wanted to give the participants the opportunity to stay in their redecorated apartments for more than a few months,” Miller said. “We’re looking at changing it up every year to keep it exciting and different,” Miller said.

Applications will be accepted for all apartments in Phases I-VII – including one bedroom and efficiency apartments – but groups of two to four people are required.

All residents in an apartment must agree to join the redesign, but groups can include up to a total of four UTD students or other Waterview Park lease holders.

The redesign can include paint, wall hangings and furniture, but no structural changes to the room or large bolts are allowed, as set by guidelines from Waterview Park.

But with some imagination and a knack for bargains, the apartment of all envy can be yours. Applications are available in The Mercury newsroom, SU 2.416. The deadline for application is Sept. 17.


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