Two new Residential Coordinators hired

With the flood of new freshmen pouring in for the fall 2004 semester, Waterview could use a few more hands for the new faces.

That is why UTD hired Ryan White and Randi Mogul as Residential Life coordinators for freshman Phases 8 and 9. White, who is from West Texas A&M, has had previous experience working as a residential advisor and area coordinator. Mogul has had nine years experience as a hall director for Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Fla.

Both Mogul and White are impressed by what they’ve seen at UTD so far.

“I’ve been made to feel very welcome. People are extremely friendly on campus,” Mogul said.

“Beautiful campus, great people and I’m very excited about the opportunity here at UTD,” White said.

Mogul and White said they hope to bring what they have learned from their past experiences and pick up a few new things in their new position.

As Residential Life coordinators, their job and responsibilities consist of roommate dispute mediating, housing assignments, supervising Peer Assistants (PAs) and planning programs.

Outgoing Freshman Residential Life Coordinator Lisa Garza will now manage Phases 1-7.

“Basically, I’m the contact person of residential life for any resident of Phases 1-7 for any kind of problem they are having,” Garza said.

One future project underway for Phases 1-7 is a community body similar to the residential senate in the freshman phases have.

“We are looking into developing some kind of community association for Phases 1-7, where we can have some activities and some involvement for the students,” Garza said.

UTD has added six PA positions, bringing the total to 28 PAs in the fall. Two will be Senior PAs.

The Assistant Dean of Students and Residential Life Supervisor Kim Winkler said the addition of new coordinators was necessary with the expansion of freshmen and residential facilities.

“When the decision was made to build additional freshman apartments, we needed more supervision out there in order to provide the students the same services we’ve given them (in the past). That’s really why the decision was made to bring on another full-time freshman residential life coordinator,” said Kim Winkler.

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