Synergy Park North

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Testing Center relocated to SP/N 2

As of December, the UTD Testing Center was relocated to Synergy Park North 2 on Synergy Park Boulevard, and has added changes to...

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New art gallery showcases alumni

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated since its original publication. Following the destruction of the Art Barn, UTD relocated its art gallery...

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Art Barn classes relocated to new building

After the demolition of the Art Barn, students were concerned about the existence and location of the printmaking and sculpture classes. Art students...

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SG proposes transparency resolution between admin, students

Student government’s last meeting of the semester featured a proposed resolution to increase administrative transparency but it was ultimately tabled requiring additional information....

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Art Barn’s closure announced at final gallery exhibition

Following recent uncertainty surrounding the Art Barn’s future, the building is officially scheduled to close on May 13 with demolition following in June....


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