Rainier Pederson


Luke Kiser: Kaiser of the Court

Kiser is they key to the Comets’ offense and a leader for the team Described by team members as a leader, Luke Kiser...


Dallas No. 50 in US for STDs — how to stay safe

A recent study from Innerbody Research found that Dallas ranks No. 50 in the top 100 U.S. cities with the highest rates of...


Who’s who this election season?

Ly, a former child refugee from Cambodia and now a certified court manager, has lived in Dallas since the age of nine. As...


Biased Spirit Rocks reporting misrepresents Comets

“We are winning.” “Love them both.” “No peace on stolen land.” Chances are, you remember reading those words on the Spirit Rocks last...


Support UT’s trans legacy

Gender-affirming care is not a novel topic, even in Texas.

Life & Arts

Does Temoc Belong on a Calendar?

Temoc is a constant presence on the UTD campus, bouncing between his glass prison in the Visitor Center, freshman orientations, graduations, seasonal parties...


Comics & Activities: 10/30/23

Chess Pacman! Shape-Making Edition  Rules: Black to move. Use the Black knight to take all of the white pawns one after another, without...


Climate Corps won’t save us

President Joe Biden’s new American Climate Corps program, announced Sept. 20, plans to put thousands of young Americans to work in the “clean...


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