Obama leaves behind improved, changing country

As the presidential election winds down, the country is preparing for the inevitable beginning of a new administration and an uncertain future. But before judging the next potential leaders of the free world, it’s necessary to take a look at their predecessor. When citizens elected Barack Obama, a relatively young...

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More party platforms needed to represent Americans

Correction: In a previous version of this story, the party that 43 percent of U.S. citizens affiliated with was not identified correctly. The Mercury regrets this error. Recent election has made it apparent current two-party system doesn’t serve needs of American populace sufficiently The 2016 election season has revealed an identity crisis...

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Int’l student  health insurance  plans fall short

Int’l student health insurance plans fall short

Updated: A previous version of this article was printed in error. Andaleeb Iftekhar’s name was spelled incorrectly. The Mercury regrets these errors. Miscommunication from healthcare officials leaves insurance customers confused Somdeb Sarkhel was planning on flying back to India in the summer of 2015 after two years. Late this June,...

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