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Life & Arts

#VOICED tackles social issues, represents social media generation

UTD seeks to bring awareness to the polarizing discussion around social media through “#VOICED,” a multimedia play written by Janelle Gray and directed...

Life & Arts

Minor focused on African American and African Diaspora Studies promotes equity on campus

A year has passed since the institution of the African American and African diaspora studies minor, or AAADS, which has provided a platform...


Moot Court pair is No. 2 in nation

On the weekend of Jan. 14 and Jan. 15, political science senior Olivia Cooper and geospatial information senior Paulina Hruskoci secured a historic...

Life & Arts

Arwa Yemeni Brings a World Class Experience

Arwa Yemeni is a ten minute drive from campus that students won’t regret due to its cultural authenticity, tasteful coffee and aesthetic studying...

Life & Arts

Gossip Girl reuses old tropes, offers nothing new for the series

Welcome back Upper East Siders. It’s that time of year again when a tired TV show tries to redeem itself with a reboot....


“American Idiot” Brings the sound of Hysteria

You’d have to be an idiot to miss out on UTD’s performance of Green Day’s “American Idiot,” an award-winning musical that depicts the...


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