Kavya Racheeti


Despite administration’s silence, community supports 21 arrested at ‘Gaza Liberation Plaza’

In a historic first, UTD administration called in law enforcement with riot gear to destroy the “Gaza Liberation Plaza” encampment while arresting 21...


Editorial: Meet the admin

State troopers slammed our own students and faculty into the ground, aiming to destroy not just their encampment but their spirit. The administration’s...

Life & Arts

XAI Reprom Wonderland Royale

Inflatable ruby-red dice bounce through the air as impassioned prom-goers dance, laugh and swap stories.  The sharp pulse of a beat reverberates through...


‘Heartstopper’ makes minorities tokens

To justify queerness to heterosexual audiences, queer media loses its nuance and limits exploration of other topics besides sexuality. This stems from new...


Battle of the bots

The UT Designspace where Comet Robotics meets looks like a scene out of Big Hero Six, with people tinkering away at robots of...

Life & Arts

Comet Con Get ready with me: Cosplay Edition

Bountiful blonde curls, iconic pouty pink lips, an elaborate multi-tiered gown and a golden crown are what make the princess of the Mushroom...


Actors might wear ceasefire pins, but they aren’t your heroes

Despite modern Hollywood films often featuring provocative political messaging, especially at the 2024 Oscar Awards, major Hollywood actors fail to speak on political...


Films should respect naked bodies, not stigmatize them

Hollywood blockbusters suggest nudity can only exist to invoke a sense of sexuality or for shock value, and given how affected we are...

Life & Arts

Modern European media revives the romance genre

David Nicholl’s 2009 novel “One Day” has returned as a limited television series, revisiting a charming and heartbreaking love story spanning over 20...


Protesters crash Nikki Haley rally

In Dallas, protesting Comets interrupt Haley’s speech, disrupt rally with criticism and condemnations Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley spoke at a Dallas rally;...


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