Gregorio Olivares Gutierrez

A group of protestors wearing keffiyehs and holding a Palestinian flag.

Comets create encampment in solidarity with Gaza

Students established a solidarity encampment with Gaza at the Chess Plaza, surrounded by walls made of cardboard, plywood and tires with a sign...


Green Fee Referendum passes with 61% support

The Green Fee Referendum passed April 26. Of the 1,032 Comets who voted in the referendum, held from April 24 to 26, 628...


The protester’s polemic

As Gaza solidarity encampments pop up across the U.S., UTD’s own are among those protesting the involvement of their academic institution in what...


Vote for the future: vote green

College often feels like extortion — between skyrocketing tuition prices, fees and housing costs, choosing to increase how much you pay may sound...


Comets: Upcoming vote on ‘green’ service fee

All students will be able to vote on a fee referendum to support sustainable development and green projects on campus from April 24...


Abbott’s age verification order spells Internet doom

Texas’ recent attempt to restrict access to pornography intrinsically fails to actually protect minors and legal consumers of porn while exposing them to...

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Furry Fiesta is fur-ocious fun

Art stalls overflowed with merchandise and countless colorful, larger-than-life animal costumes greeted guests at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, which hosted 2024’s Texas Furry...


Trains over towers: Why DFW desperately needs the high-speed rail plan

If demolishing the Reunion Tower is necessary for implementing intercity high-speed rail in Texas, then it is critical we do it to help...


Gov. Abbott orders Texas universities to revise free speech policies to combat antisemitism

Gov. Greg Abbott issued Executive Order GA44 on March 27, obligating higher education institutions in Texas — including UTD — to punish what...

Life & Arts

La Llorona shares her sorrowful tale on campus

Piercing cries of pain overcome the steady murmur of a river as La Llorona wanders hopelessly in search of the children she drowned;...


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