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Bad Romance: tales of heartbreak

One unread text: “It’s not you, it’s me.” It’s the text that no person in a relationship wants to receive. And while breakups...

Life & Arts

New Year’s resolutions: Do they work?

“New year, new me” usually comes along with the dozens of resolutions people set for themselves in January. But how many of these...


Don’t confuse holiday consumerism with a ‘giving spirit’

With the holiday season officially underway, sales from every store imaginable have begun to roll out without the slightest hint of stopping, turning...


Farmer’s Fridge: fresh food in a vending machine

Convenient and fresh, the Student Union’s newest vending machine, Farmer’s Fridge, gives Comets an option for grab-and-go foods as a healthier alternative for...


Comics & Activities: 10/30/23

Chess Pacman! Shape-Making Edition  Rules: Black to move. Use the Black knight to take all of the white pawns one after another, without...

Life & Arts

Claire’s ‘Just Because’: a raw journey through adolescence

In a blend of retro-blues and psychedelic tones, Claire Rosinkranz’s music style takes a tour across a wide genre of music as she...


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