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Creating “Coco”

Can you describe your role as a concept artist in the making of “Coco?”  I got to work on a lot of different...

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Third ‘Cars’ installment disappoints

As the latest in the recent line of Pixar sequels, “Cars 3” is a mediocre offering from a film studio known for high...

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Live-action reboot stuns with visuals

“Beauty and the Beast,” Disney’s latest in a line of live-action reboots, broke box office records in its opening weekend with a combination...

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Q&A: Malcon Pierce

On Oct. 25, one of Disney’s animation supervisors Malcon Pierce gave a presentation on his upcoming film “Moana.” The Mercury sat down with...

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Behind Zootopia

On Feb. 29, Rich Moore and Byron Howard, the directors of Disney’s new animated film “Zootopia,” came to campus to discuss the movie....


Unpaid internships must have defined objectives

After participating in Disney college internship student highlights benefits, pitfalls of programs without pay Low-paying internships can provide students with invaluable experience and...


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