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Life & Arts

A Midsummer’s Night’s drag transforms campus with fantasy, charity, and unforgettable performances

Chi Alpha Iota transformed the SSA stage into a fantasy wonderland through the Shakespearean theme of “A Midsummer’s Night’s Drag” on Nov. 4...


Students Across Disciplines Team Up to Solve Global Health Problems

Two students launched UTD’s first-ever Interdisciplinary Global Health Case Competition, a contest where students across different schools come together to solve health crises...


Overwatch tops out collegiate tournament

UTD’s Overwatch team finished in the top 16 out of over 200 teams in the Overwatch Collegiate Homecoming tournament on Oct. 20 after...

Life & Arts

Vibrant visions: Latin American art exhibition unveiled

“La Frontera: The Border Exhibit” — a campus pop-up installation curated by Jorge Baldor — highlights the struggles, dreams and challenges of undocumented...


Women’s Soccer Unstoppable

This season, UTD women’s soccer team has been an unstoppable force, winning every game without a single goal scored against them. Here’s everything...


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