Ananya Sammidi

Life & Arts

No-No Boy is a yes-yes for the music industry

No-No Boy gave Comets insight into his musical journey and life experiences on March 5, and a musical songwriting workshop on March 6...

Life & Arts

Visiting professor teaches Comets West African dance

On Feb. 22, as a part of UTD’s iWeek, Cassandra Hines — a master teacher in West African dance — introduced Comets to...


Locally sourced food could cut costs in new SU

UTD is in desperate need for affordable and sustainable food options, and locally-sourced dining options in the new Student Union can accomplish that...


Alumni tech startup accelerates to success

Editor’s note: This story previously misrepresented the combined value of the startups. This has been corrected to $600 billion, and we apologize for...


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