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Entitled students: No one owes you a degree

Imagine this: you’re in a core class, past the withdrawal deadline, and suddenly a few choice classmates start to complain about the level...

Life & Arts

‘Masters of the Air’ flies flat

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks share a passion for exposing viewers to authentic and carefully crafted war stories, and both Hollywood icons came...


Actors might wear ceasefire pins, but they aren’t your heroes

Despite modern Hollywood films often featuring provocative political messaging, especially at the 2024 Oscar Awards, major Hollywood actors fail to speak on political...


Student Government: stop hiding from students

Over half of SG’s senators ignored their promise of transparency to students when they hid away to discuss a high-stakes resolution at a...


Films should respect naked bodies, not stigmatize them

Hollywood blockbusters suggest nudity can only exist to invoke a sense of sexuality or for shock value, and given how affected we are...


The tragedy of the carts: skipping the corral puts us all in a cage of selfishness

Unreturned shopping carts in parking lots are society’s barometer for how much people care about others. And with a tiny bit of effort,...


Need resume advice? Skip ECS 3390

If you’re an ECS major looking for full time employment, a great way to accomplish this is through internships. Unfortunately, ECS 3390 —...


Fanfiction contest winner captures UTD meme culture

Thirty seconds before the EROL II writing competition’s initial deadline, biochemistry sophomore Maria Shaikh submitted her fanfiction magnum opus, “Benson takes the rocks...


AI is changing real estate — and it’s not what you think

Will AI steal your job? Representatives from Weitzman, a large Texas real estate firm, think otherwise, saying AI will instead automate the tedious...


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