Rainier Pederson


Elder wisdom

Howdy, partner! If you’re reading this, it means you’ve braved the wild west of college applications, survived your first dust-storm of financial aid...


Campus dining breakdown

UTD has plenty of dining options outside of Dining Hall West where you can grab your next bite. The Student Union is the...


You (probably) can’t be an anonymous source

There’s an inquiry you receive a lot as an editor at The Mercury — “Can I be anonymous?” And the answer, for the...


The South – backwoods, not backwards.

Those who stereotype the South as backwards ignore all the civil rights leaders it has produced. I spent a long time hating the...


Texas polling bill disenfranchises youth

Taking away the most convenient location for college students to cast their ballots is an obvious attempt at disenfranchisement and must be condemned....


Boycotting videogames does not solve injustice

Transphobia and propaganda are a few of the latest search terms to be associated with a campaign against the video games “Hogwarts Legacy”...


More students need to learn CPR and AED

Not enough students are actively learning basic life support, or BLS, which is easy to learn and has immense positive potential. People may...


Dear Boomers: please stop writing Gen Z characters

As newer TV shows like “Euphoria” and “Never Have I Ever” air on popular streaming platforms, young people are constantly seeing how characters...

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