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The TikTok ban is good, actually

The House of Representatives passed a bill on March 13 threatening to ban TikTok for cyber security breaches. Although this ban was done...

Life & Arts

Deep Vellum expands literary and translation options in North Texas

The smell of coffee welcomes guests into Deep Vellum, a small bookstore where a curated selection of translated books from every corner of...

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Comet Gala: A night among the stars

It’s Friday, and old-timey swing music plays from the speakers as the ATC building resembles a prom night, bustling with students dressed in...

Life & Arts

‘Small Talk’ highlights graduate storytelling

Wood, wires, rope and projectors, and an array of art materials litter the floor of the SP/N gallery. The disorder in this space...


UTD transfer students beat out state graduation averages

Forty-five percent of Texas transfer students graduate within six years, according to the Texas Tribune. As UTD has a six-year transfer graduation rate...

Life & Arts

Entering the frame with ‘Women in Animation’

While scribbling away at drawing pads and polishing off character designs, UTD’s Women in Animation chapter allows its members to get a taste...

Life & Arts

Comets remember Black history through Freedman’s Cemetery

While commuting through Oak Lawn on North Central Expressway, you might notice solemn statues juxtaposed against deteriorating tombstones and graves. With a dedication...


Dallas No. 50 in US for STDs — how to stay safe

A recent study from Innerbody Research found that Dallas ranks No. 50 in the top 100 U.S. cities with the highest rates of...



“Dragon Eye” is an immersive video installation capturing the religious traditions and daily labor of the Miao ethnic group in China, open in...

Life & Arts

Shinto beauty: Meet the Mingei Movement celebrating the humble

The Crow Museum of Asian Art at UTD exhibited everyday items made of from ceramics and textiles which are particularly praised by followers...


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