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Law enforcement raids pro-Palestine encampment, arrests students and faculty

Less than 12 hours after pro-Palestine student activists formed the “Gaza Liberation Plaza” encampment in UTD’s Chess Plaza, local police and state troopers...

A group of protestors wearing keffiyehs and holding a Palestinian flag.

Comets create encampment in solidarity with Gaza

Students established a solidarity encampment with Gaza at the Chess Plaza, surrounded by walls made of cardboard, plywood and tires with a sign...


The trials and tribulations of Graphics Editor

Despite being The Mercury’s Graphics Editor, I will write my farewell, not draw it. My two years at The Mercury encapsulate a wide...


Comets: Upcoming vote on ‘green’ service fee

All students will be able to vote on a fee referendum to support sustainable development and green projects on campus from April 24...

Life & Arts

La Llorona shares her sorrowful tale on campus

Piercing cries of pain overcome the steady murmur of a river as La Llorona wanders hopelessly in search of the children she drowned;...


UTD community honors life of lost Comet with philanthropy

Abdul-Hadi Diwan, an interdisciplinary studies senior and beloved member of the campus community, died tragically in the late afternoon of Feb. 9 after...


Who’s who this election season?

Ly, a former child refugee from Cambodia and now a certified court manager, has lived in Dallas since the age of nine. As...

Life & Arts

Bad Romance: tales of heartbreak

One unread text: “It’s not you, it’s me.” It’s the text that no person in a relationship wants to receive. And while breakups...


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