Jack Sierputowski

A group of protestors wearing keffiyehs and holding a Palestinian flag.

Comets create encampment in solidarity with Gaza

Students established a solidarity encampment with Gaza at the Chess Plaza, surrounded by walls made of cardboard, plywood and tires with a sign...

Life & Arts

‘Inspiring,’ ‘resilient,’ ‘compassionate’: Sarah Hurwitz shares story of reconnecting with Jewish values

“Four thousand years of wisdom from my ancestors” — this is what Sarah Hurwitz, renowned speechwriter and author, gained from reconnecting with her...


Preserving student media: accountability’s last stand

Picture this: it’s 11 p.m. on a Friday, and you have 16+ hours of newspaper production on Saturday and Sunday. Suddenly, you receive...

Life & Arts

Adaptation done right: “Fallout” (2024) sets standard for great video game serials

Blending the tragedy of war with zany retro-futuristic science fiction, “Fallout” (2024) captures the quirky satire of the games in all their absurdity. ...


Entitled students: No one owes you a degree

Imagine this: you’re in a core class, past the withdrawal deadline, and suddenly a few choice classmates start to complain about the level...


In the wake of death

In the past few weeks, you have probably heard about the deaths of fellow students and grappled with the shock at losing classmates...


UTD student found dead in parking lot

Story update: March 4, 2024 On Monday, March 4, a report from the Dallas County Medical Examiner confirmed that the cause of death...


The tragedy of the carts: skipping the corral puts us all in a cage of selfishness

Unreturned shopping carts in parking lots are society’s barometer for how much people care about others. And with a tiny bit of effort,...


Professor’s high school teaching license under investigation for sexual texts

The Texas Education Agency is investigating a UTD art professor’s teaching license for sending sexual texts to a high school student while teaching...


Bring our rocks back!

“Censorship.” “Cowardly.” “Bring our rocks back.” These were the sentiments expressed by students the morning of Nov. 20, when UTD administration removed the...


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