Anika Sultana


Abbott’s age verification order spells Internet doom

Texas’ recent attempt to restrict access to pornography intrinsically fails to actually protect minors and legal consumers of porn while exposing them to...


In the wake of death

In the past few weeks, you have probably heard about the deaths of fellow students and grappled with the shock at losing classmates...

Life & Arts

Byrne Brothers bring Celtic tunes to North Texas Irish Festival

After their eccentric and high-energy performance at the North Texas Irish Festival, the family-based band The Byrne Brothers immersed themselves in a warm...


UTD student found dead in parking lot

Story update: March 4, 2024 On Monday, March 4, a report from the Dallas County Medical Examiner confirmed that the cause of death...

Life & Arts

Comets’ critical critique of cinema

“Oppenheimer”, “Barbie”, “American Fiction” among Oscar nominees this year While “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” might be the most famous of this year’s Oscars nominees,...


Hating furries proves you’re uneducated

Everyone knows furries are embarrassing, creepy perverts – but how much of that belief stems from miseducation? Whether uploading illustrations of their humanoid...


New year, new classes — but don’t drop old friends

New semesters are exciting because they offer one of the most enriching experiences campus life has to offer: new social opportunities, which are...


ODEI removed: trans students react

Texas SB 17 is officially in effect, bringing an end to the Galerstein Gender Center and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion....


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion replaced with OCRS

UTD’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is dismantled as of Dec. 31 and will now be replaced by the Office of Campus...


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