SG Report: 1/22/18

University Communication Project

Student Government President JW Van der Schans is leading an initiative to conduct surveys in order to determine the ideal way for campus organizations and departments to keep students updated on events and information. The results of the survey would be shared with various groups such as dining or residential services to help with student outreach. The services would then use the results of the survey to change up the way they communicate, keeping students from having to follow multiple UTD social media accounts.

New JSOM Art Piece

SG Vice President Alex Holcomb is working with technology resources graduate student Travis Fowler to build an acrylic structure spelling out “UTD” between the columns in the Jindal School of Management atrium.  The structure, currently pending approval, is part of Fowler’s capstone project and the administration’s goal of showing appreciation for student-focused public art.

Student Art in the SU

An SG art initiative is coming to the Student Union. SU Director Dan Goodwin is working with SG to display student-submitted artwork on the walls of the SU. Holcomb and Goodwin are currently forming a curating board consisting of faculty and staff who will select the pieces from student submissions so the selection process remains fair. The artwork will cycle throughout the SU, with the board choosing different pieces to be displayed in various cycles.

Student Government Elections

Students who would like to run for SG can file paperwork from Feb. 26 to March 26, giving candidates three academic weeks between filing and the election to campaign. SG is currently working on a marketing campaign to get students to vote in the election, held March 27-29.

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