Northside Drafthouse offers speedy service, fresh food

Northside Drafthouse opened on Dec. 28 of last year and features classic American fare along with 50 beers on tap. Photo by Noah Whitehead | Mercury Staff.


Northside Drafthouse and Eatery, the fifth food establishment at Northside, opened its doors to customers over winter break. This bar and restaurant is superior in the categories of its comfortable atmosphere, variety of appetizer, entree and drink options and attentive customer service.

The first noticeable thing about the bar was its wide array of televisions. Whether they displayed food and drinks or broadcasted ESPN, it created an ambiance similar to that of a sports bar. The bright lights inside the restaurant were a drastic contrast between the darkened windows on the exterior of the building.

The biggest feature of the drafthouse was its 50 unique types of beers on tap. The bar even has sampler selections for patrons to try different types of beer for a smaller size and cheaper price. Even if you are not the biggest fan of beer, there are still plenty of cocktails that you can order off the menu, all for a relatively cheap price. 

Another distinctive characteristic was that all food and drink orders were placed at the bar. In regards to food, this was unique in the sense that a waiter did not come to your table. Rather, you go to the bar and order the food at the same place you pick up your drinks. The bartender was very helpful in suggesting food options, and knew the menu items, including what each item was and what kind of meat was used in each dish. I ended up ordering an appetizer of Wisconsin cheese curds and and a coney dog, that essentially were mozzarella sticks served with a beef chili and a cheese hotdog.

One of the biggest takeaways from the restaurant was how quickly the food came out. Within 10 minutes of ordering, the server came from the kitchen with all of the food. It seemed freshly prepared and was exactly as ordered. In addition, the coney dog came with soft potato crisps — a unique interpretation of french fries — as well as ketchup. The cheese curds also came with a marinara dipping sauce and parmesan cheese.

Even though the food came out quickly, it was absolutely delicious. The cheese curds tasted fresh, with a hint of a spicy seasoning after dipping it in the marinara sauce. The portions are quite substantial, and you get what you pay for. The coney dog was significantly better than that of a Sonic or Dairy Queen. Even the potato crisps were a great compliment to the coney dog meal. Although the total tab came to an expensive $17, the food comes in sizeable portions and it was well worth it to try.

The numerous different pizzas were the most notable items listed on the menu. While there are many different meat, cheese, veggie and even appetizer choices of pizza, you can only order the pizza as a whole, rather than by the slice. The pizzas are 14 inches and can be easily split among multiple people.

Overall, the quality of Northside Drafthouse was exceptional. The diversity of food and beverages allow people to find something that they can eat and drink. Whether you’re there for a weekend brunch or having drinks over dinner, Northside Drafthouse is a convenient place to stop by for freshly prepared food in a comfortable atmosphere.


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