05 03 21 Issue

UTD research center to open in Richardson’s rebranded industrial district | May 3, 2021

UTD is collaborating with the city of Richardson to create a multi-faceted research institution inside the city’s newest development project: the Innovation District. In 2020, the city decided to brand the pre-existing Collins building as the Richardson Innovation Quarter (IQ). This area will consist of the Richardson Office of Strategic Initiatives, the versatile UTD Center […]

Esports experience can’t be defined by a single exam | May 3, 2021

The Esports Certification Institute (ECI) tried to make a $400 certification for esports, and it died within three days. While it could come back in the future, those hoping to gain entry into esports should focus their efforts on actually getting industry experience for now. The exam assembled by ECI was designed to test a […]

UTD and UTSW partner in new research facilities | May 3, 2021

UT Southwestern Medical Center and UTD’s Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science have partnered together to create the Center for Imaging and Surgical Innovation (CISI) in an effort to increase the efficiency and impact of technology in clinical applications. UTD bioengineering and UTSW radiology professor Baowei Fei began this process in 2018, with […]

Conservatives aren’t being canceled | May 3, 2021

With the “free speech” alternative social media app Parler returning to the App Store after being banned for involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, it’s time to revisit the idea of whether Conservatives are really being canceled as much as they claim. The Conservative political platform is by no means being silenced or canceled, […]

New course offerings introduce Comets to religion, Korean language | May 3, 2021

The upcoming fall semester will bring with it a multitude of new classes including those in religious studies, Korean language and African and African diaspora studies. Last fall, a survey was sent to A&H students to gauge the level of interest in a religious studies minor. As a result of that interest, religious studies classes […]

The show must go on! | May 3, 2021

UTD filmmakers were recognized for their exceptional talent in an unprecedented year by the Cosmic Film Festival. The festival is hosted by Meteor Theater, a student-run program that works to cultivate student interest and appreciation for films. While they received a total of seven submissions, two films swept all the awards. Night Shift, an animated short […]

A comma-n misunderstanding | May 3, 2021

I’d like to begin by thanking The Mercury’s most dedicated readers, Babe Ruth and President Biden. If you’re wondering why Babe Ruth and Joe Biden are such close devotees of UTD’s student newspaper, read on. Comma rules: if you’re anything like me, the pesky stipulations were the bane of every high school writing assignment. But […]

Boba Blockage | May 3, 2021

Shipping delays are creating a country-wide boba shortage, making it a challenge for boba tea providers in the Richardson area to supply one of the most popular drinks today. According to Fortune Business Insights, the bubble tea market was estimated to value $2.02 billion in 2019 and is projected to be valued at $3.39 billion […]

Practice cyber hygiene with your vaccine card | May 3, 2021

As the number of Americans receiving COVID-19 vaccinations continues to climb, so is the number of people posting “vaccine selfies” on social media. However, by displaying their vaccination cards online, vaccine recipients are opening themselves up to a different kind of threat: identity theft. The Federal Trade Commission and FBI released statements advising people to […]

Why are graduations still in the gym? | May 3, 2021

Historically, commencement ceremonies have been held at UTD in the Activity Center, but why is that the case, and could it ever change? The Activity Center holds a variety of facilities, one of which is the gymnasium, a 3,200-seat room that has been the home of commencement ceremonies at UTD since 1998, when the first […]

Practice Makes Perfect | May 3, 2021

Ochemrank.com, a new organic chemistry webapp aimed at students taking organic chemistry (OChem) I and II, has revolutionized how students prepare for difficult exams. The webapp, developed by chemistry professors Mihaela Stefan and Michael Biewer, as well as computer science professor Ovidiu Daescu and their team of graduate and undergraduate students, allows organic chemistry students […]

Serial larceny on campus | May 3, 2021

It can take less than a minute to cut out a catalytic converter from a car with a saw, as this semester’s seven incidents of this type of theft testify. Catalytic converters are part of a car’s exhaust system and contain precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium. Thieves can crawl under a vehicle, […]