New email policy to be enforced

It might finally be time to ditch the old account from your high school days.

In an effort to more easily maintain communication lines between the university and its students, from now on, any correspondence sent from the university will head only to your email account according to an email sent to faculty and staff last week.

Due to the difficulty in keeping track of the numerous email accounts some students have, the IR department has decided to make students responsible for setting up a forwarding email address from their account to one other address, like for example. The forwarding address can be set up by contacting the IR help desk at extension 2911.

In an attempt to ensure the identity of email correspondence, some departments have gone a step further in deciding to reply only to emails sent from email accounts, though this is not official university policy, said Doug Jackson, director of Information Resources (IR).

“There’s no way to be sure that it’s the right person, so some departments are saying use your UTD email account to verify,” Jackson said.

Although it’s not a fail-safe method, as someone could always steal a laptop or know one’s password, “but if you give out your password, you’re breaking the law anyway,” Jackson said.

The fear of viruses spreading on the network, though always forefront in any IR department’s mind, has not been a factor in the new email measures.

“We got burned last year, but now we’re doing a lot more checking to make sure our system continues to work. You’re never 100 percent, but we’re fairly close,” Jackson said of the UTD network.

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