New Dance Floor in SU

Photo by Shubhechhya Mukherjee | Mercury Staff


As the semester kicks into full swing, the Student Union is allowing Comets to kick and swing even more by providing a new dance floor.

Registered student organizations and departments are able to request the dance floor for their events through their Electronic Management System accounts. Andrew Helgeson, assistant director of SU, said that the current dance floor has gone through some significant wear.

“We have a couple student orgs that use it every single week,” Helgeson said. “And then there’s more far and few between, some more for larger scale events that student organizations are putting on: they want to do a banquet with a dance floor in there. I’d say we’re probably doing the dance floor anywhere between six to 10 times a month.”

Helgeson said that, like the current dance floor, the new dance floor will only be available for use in the Galaxy rooms, due to how heavy and cumbersome it is to move. Also, like the current dance floor, the new dance floor will consist of 48 four-foot by four-foot square pieces that can be latched together into different rectangular configurations. After the new one arrives, Helgeson said, the old dance floor will no longer be available for use.

“First, we don’t have any room for storage for it, and then just it’s a problem because it could be a safety hazard,” Helgeson said. “A lot of times, people want the biggest dance floor possible, but we can’t put it in there due to size restrictions, due to other tables and chairs in there and making sure we are ADA compliant at all times.”

Despite the expensive price of a new dance floor — some quotes reaching as high as $40,000 — Helgeson said the wear and tear of the old dance floor justifies the cost of the new one.

“We’re doing a rush order to get it in as soon as possible, and we’re hoping to have it in stock before we have that banquet season coming, before May,” Helgeson said. “We want to give something of quality to our students.”


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