Netflix Recommendation: Dollhouse


I am the type of person who hates waiting a week for the next episode of any show. That’s why Netflix makes me extremely happy. Although Netflix was originally intended to allow us to stream movies, the best content it provides are seasons of television shows.

Strangely, one of the series I’m a big fan of isn’t very popular. But it’s also a series that you can binge watch since all the seasons are complete and on Netflix right now.

The show I am referring to is “Dollhouse”. If you’ve watched this series, kudos to you.


I know the title suggests an unintelligent show about models, but in reality, it is a thought-provoking series that makes you think about technology, and humanity. Plus, it was written by Joss Whedon, so you know it is going to be awesome and nerdy.

I am going to try and describe this series without exposing any spoilers, because the plot has quite a few twists and turns.

Courtesy: Creative commons
Courtesy: Creative commons

Basically, imagine that there was a machine that could wipe people’s brains of their personalities and memories and then fill it with new artificial ones. That is a very cool concept, I know, but it is quite sinister when you think about the applications.

“Dollhouse” is based around an organization that provides people who have been uploaded with an artificial personality to perform any task the hiring party desires. Tasks can range from romantic engagements, video game buddies, and even bank robbery. All a client has to do is tell the organization what kind of person they want, and the organization known as the “Dollhouse” will make a personality and upload it to a person, whom they will then lend to the client to perform the task or engagement.

The people that are having new personalities uploaded into their minds are known as dolls because their bodies are just vessels to be manipulated. You can guess, now, why the organization and show is called “Dollhouse”.

I am not going to explain more of the plot, but the whole premise brings up questions that you will struggle with throughout the series. These questions concern the requirements for actually being considered a human.

If a someone’s personality can be taken from their body and put into another body, then is the person their old body or the mind that’s been transferred to a new body? I like to think of it as the personality being the software and their body as just the hardware on which their personality is running. Obviously, this technology does not exist, but it makes you wonder “what if?”

Other than the cool concepts, this show is action-packed and written extremely well. There was never a time that I was disappointed with an episode because the plot was always solid even in the first few episodes when the viewer is learning the background of the story. The characters are really easy to care about and empathize with too. Also, even though there are some complex ideas in this show, it does not seem like a viewer would get easily lost and confused.

I love this series and I recommend anyone that is a fan of action-packed and captivating media to watch it.




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