Make the most of the wellness center

Graphic By Katheryn Ho | Mercury Staff


UTD’s Student Wellness Center is committed to promoting the physical and mental well-being of all students through consultations, educational resources and preventative health care.

Kacey Sebeniecher, the director of the Student Wellness Center, said the center’s mission is to provide students with the information they need to take control of their health. They are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Students can also access the Student Health Center, which offers essential medical services to registered students who have paid the medical services fee.

The Student Wellness Center provides educational services about COVID-19, alcohol, drugs, tobacco cessation, nutrition, stress management, sexual health and relationships, time management, sleep and mindfulness. If a student is interested in receiving more information on a topic that is not covered, they are encouraged to contact the center at

“There’s a huge interest in sexual health, and that could be driven by the political climate that we’re going through as a nation,” Sebeniecher said. “And we’re seeing a sexual revolution of sorts where people feel very empowered to get educated as much as they can on their bodies.”

The center also provides one-on-one sessions with students to receive personalized advice. With the private environment, students can delve deeper into their concerns and have an experience catered to their needs.

“There are so many staff members here who really, truly care about these students that we want to help them,” Sebeniecher said. “We want to help them navigate things that are difficult to navigate. We want them to feel like they do have someone who will fight these challenges with them, and that they don’t have to struggle in silence.”

You can keep track of the Student Wellness Center by following their Instagram account called Healthy Comets. Additionally, if you visit their office located in SSA 14.270, they are willing to provide advice, free of cost, based on your specific needs and direct you to the appropriate resources.

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