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SG pushes for period absences | October 31, 2022

Period absence project could provide excused absences for menstruation Painful periods (known as dysmenorrhea) negatively impact students’ ability to attend class, complete assignments and study for exams. However, these effects are consistently ignored by UTD professors. Sara Juneja, the academic committee chair for SG, was personally affected by the lack...

Comets help homeless population near campus | October 31, 2022

Comets help the homelessness crisis near campus by providing blood pressure tests and baked goods According to the Agape Resource Assistant Center — otherwise referred to as Agape — in Collin County, 1.7 million renters in Collin County pay over the 30% rule for rent vs gross income. Typically, this...

“American Idiot” Brings the sound of Hysteria | October 31, 2022

You’d have to be an idiot to miss out on UTD’s performance of Green Day’s “American Idiot,” an award-winning musical that depicts the troubles faced in American youth “American Idiot”was originally set to run from October 27-30 and November 3-5, with tickets at $5 for students and $15 for others....

2022 Midterm election choices | October 31, 2022

Unsure of who to vote for? We’ve compiled the candidates and some of their issues for the top elections for this voting cycle. Early voting is now open, with close options including one at 503 N US 75-Central Expy 1000 Sanctuary for Dallas County and one at 6400 Frankford Road...


VALORANT team fails to clutch out on LAN | October 31, 2022

The VALORANT team fell last weekend on it’s first LAN excursion to UT and Blinn College.The team fell in close matches, losing 4-13 in their match versus Blinn and losing 11-13 to UT to fall out in the loser’s bracket. Team manager Joe “GRAVE” Linden said that the team would...

Chess team wins out on home turf | October 31, 2022

The UTD chess teams swept the boards at the 2022 Texas Collegiate Super Finals following a rough start. The A team won first, and the B team won second five years after its first victory at the tournament. The Super Finals were held at the Jonsson Performance Hall on campus...

Haunted Locations at UTD | October 31, 2022

Berkner Hall is one location that has recently grabbed Comets’ attention. The Berkner tunnels are suspected of being haunted for their natural dark atmosphere and seemingly sinister undertones. Students suspect a mystery lurks beneath the old building, but faculty say that the basement exists only for practical reasons and is...

End the fall with a small town romance | October 31, 2022

For those feeling nostalgic for summer, the K-drama “Once Upon a Small Town” brought a romantic “the end” to the season. The series ran for 12 episodes, and since the series has shorter episodes than most K-dramas, it is a great gateway into the genre. It can be enjoyed in...

Halloween ends… disappointingly | October 31, 2022

Recent years have brought many successful horror movie reboots like “Scream” and “It,” along with contemporary cult classics that have expanded the horror hall of fame. While horror figures like Ghostface and Pennywise still delight and terrify fans, some horror icons like Michael Myers are left as an empty shell...


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