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Peace Out, Plastics | December 5, 2022

The Sustainability Committee’s Single-Use Plastic Ban Proposal has made it all the way to the office of the President. If President Richard Benson signs the proposal, the policy will become a university-wide goal, making UTD the first university in Texas to commit to eliminating single-use plastics. The proposal already passed through all four university-wide governing […]

UTD Launches First Rocket | December 5, 2022

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at UTD made history on Nov. 19 when they became the first organization on campus to launch a high-powered rocket. AIAA launched the rocket in Gunter, Texas at the Dallas Area Rocket Society, an organization dedicated to giving students an opportunity to explore their aeronautical interests. Groups from […]

Alumnus runs art booth at large artist’s alley | December 5, 2022

Anime Frontier attendees stopped in their tracks to buy merchandise from Lacel Ria’s towering pink booth, a marvelous display of adorable stickers, prints and keychains. Lacel, also known as Jelly is an artist and Twitch streamer who graduated from ATEC in 2022. Lacel illustrates original art and fanart for their merch shop and streams as […]

Chainsaw Man dub cast interview | December 5, 2022

Tatsuki Fujimoto blew away the world in 2018 with his writing and illustrations in a shōnen manga immortalized as “Chainsaw Man.” As this season’s most popular anime and easily the most highly anticipated show of the year, “Chainsaw Man” has been cutting down the competition with brutal gore, raunchy humor and bittersweet themes. The anime […]

Chainsaw Man Brought To Life | December 5, 2022

Computer science sophomore and comet, Thomas Cortez, struts the halls of Anime Frontier, wowing attendees with animated expressions and in-character movements through a mask obscuring his features. Known for his complex and bold builds, Cortez stands out amongst the crowd in his Chainsaw Man cosplay. Cortez, who goes by Biotom27, is known by his three […]

Jujutsu Kaisen dub cast interview | December 5, 2022

Earning its place among shōnen manga for some of the best fights in anime, Jujitsu Kaisen was written and illustrated by Gege Akutami in 2018. Pushing huge milestones in 2021 for its success as an anime, it follows the unnatural story of Yuji Itadori, played by Adam McArthur in the English dub, and classmate Nobara […]

Helping the homeless through altruism | December 5, 2022

UTD student runs charity event to help clothe the homeless population of Houston. Dylan Miles, a junior majoring in business marketing, is running a non-profit event called “Hoodies for the Homeless” through his clothing brand where sponsors can contribute $30 to fund the creation of a hoodie for a person struggling with homelessness. The event […]

Gender Center Opens Closet For Major Life Transitions | December 5, 2022

The Galerstein Gender Center is now providing free, gently-used clothes, shoes and accessories to Comets in need. According to the Gender Center’s website, The Life Transitions Closet is available to students and employees undergoing a life transition, “including gender transitions, loss or gain of employment, pregnancy or birth, and more.” The Closet’s opening is part […]

Richardson leaders delay off-campus housing | December 5, 2022

After debating a zoning ordinance that would allow a new off-campus housing development within walking distance of the UTD campus, Richardson city council deferred voting on the issue. The meeting on Nov. 14 centered around rezoning 13 acres of land north of campus between Waterview Parkway and President George Bush Turnpike. The rezoning would make […]

What’s the mysterious car in ATEC? | December 5, 2022

Since September, a sports car has been parked on the first floor of ATEC — why is it there and where did it come from? In partnership with UTD, senior director of the Crow Museum of Asian Art, Amy Hofland, sat down to talk about the new art installation by Chinese artist Ma Jun. The […]

Nontraditional Student Spotlight | December 5, 2022

College life doesn’t look the same for one student, and every individual adapts and navigates UTD with different backgrounds and learning styles. Picture the typical college student. Perhaps you think of an 18 to 22-year-old living on campus and attending classes full time. But how about someone who’s over 25, a former homeschooler or a […]

Volleyball Team Secures Championship | December 5, 2022

The UTD Volleyball team defeated East Texas Baptist University to secure an American Southwest Conference championship on Nov. 5. This is the eighth time the Comets have brought home the trophy in their 19 years of existence. Comets also won the ASC Championship in 2021. Because of their 2021 success, there were high expectations for […]

Comics: 12/09/22 | December 5, 2022

Student Art Showcase One staff, one guest artist. Send art to

The Fablemans keeps audiences in the theater | December 5, 2022

In the golden age of streaming, releasing a movie solely in theaters is risky. But Steven Spielberg’s newest feature, “The Fabelmans,” is the flick to bring us back to the big screen and keep us at the behest of the projector. “The Fablemans” follows a semi-autobiographical version of Spielberg’s life as his father brings his […]

Why Must Congress Railroad Unions? | December 5, 2022

Now that the U.S. government has shut down the upcoming railway strike, it creates a dangerous precedent against workers’ rights everywhere, particularly endangering young people. You may have heard about the upcoming railroad strike that could “cripple” the U.S. economy. The chief complaint: railway workers want paid sick leave, and railway companies refuse to meet […]

Hate Speech is a Pretty Bad Way to Start the Conversation | December 5, 2022

The recent surge in antisemitic hate speech in the media from celebrities like Kanye West is an important reminder that when it comes to harmful ideology, it’s impossible to separate the artist from their art. Antisemitic speech posed by rapper Kanye West simply can’t be glossed over or written off as ideology held purely by […]

Comets Stand With Iran | December 5, 2022

Iranian students organized a global demonstration against the revolution in their home country in solidarity with 200 other universities. Following the demonstration at UTD in September, this event was coordinated between Iranian scholar groups based in North American, European and Oceanic universities. Electrical engineering doctoral student Hazhir Mahmoodi said that they wanted to put together […]

What Are Those Weird Jesus Notes in UV? | December 5, 2022

Students reported receiving mysterious religious notes on their doors. The Mercury was in contact with nine students who received identical handwritten notes at both UV apartments and apartments off campus. The notes referred to Bible passages referencing hypocrisy and confession and urged the reader to confess before judgement day as “the end of the world […]

A New SU? | September 5, 2022

Students will have the opportunity to vote for two referendums to support a new SU building and expand the athletics department from Oct. 4-6. The referendums propose raising the Student Fee from $60 to $100 per semester, and the Intramural and Intercollegiate Athletics Fee from $45 per semester to $7 per semester credit hour. Vice […]

McDermott library aims to create inviting space | September 5, 2022

The McDermott Library is currently undergoing various renovation projects to enhance UTD students’ study experiences and create a more welcoming and open environment. For the past few years, as UTD has drastically increased in physical size and population, several additions have been made to improve the library’s academic aura. The library is using grant money […]

Vote ‘yes’ for the fee referendum | September 5, 2022

Vote ‘Yes’ to the upcoming student fee referendum vote on October 4. If you’ve ever been inside the Student Union at peak hours, you understand just how crowded the current building is. Peak lunchtime lines go up to an hour waiting for a Chik-fil-a sandwich, and once you get the food it’s hard to find […]

Comics: 09/06/2022 | September 5, 2022

Student Art Showcase One staff, one guest artist send. Send art to to be featured.

‘Bodies, Bodies, Bodies’ imagines influencers as murderers | September 5, 2022

“You hate-listen to her podcast.” If you are Gen Z, this might sound like a light-hearted joke, even when made by a friend. But what if that friend was accusing you of murder? Every generation has their version of the classic “cabin in the woods” trope. A group of twenty-somethings go away for the weekend, […]

“The Sandman” Brings Us The Dream TV Adaptation | September 5, 2022

Everyone has had dreams they didn’t want to wake from. From the mundane to the imaginative, these dreams can provide escapism from the monotony of the modern world. But where do dreams come from? Award-winning author and screenplay writer Neil Gaiman, answers this question in his graphic novel and Netflix series, “The Sandman,” with beautiful […]

“Law School” grants a motion for enjoyment | September 5, 2022

With law school applications opening at the beginning of this month, pre-law students must have a lot on their mind. So, why not unwind with a K-drama that gives you a false sense of productivity instead of watching “Criminal Minds” for the thousandth time? “Law School” follows a group of eight students from a variety […]

“Chicago” remains relevant 20 years later | September 5, 2022

As we enter the early years of the 2020s, we are one century distant from one of the wildest times in American history, the Roaring Twenties. There is no better time to revisit the movie “Chicago,” which is both set in the 1920s and recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Not only does “Chicago” still impress […]

Pedro Pascal Delivers As Daddy Once Again | September 5, 2022

“The Last of Us” is next in line to take over HBO’s flagship series “House of The Dragon” with new footage that promises to expand the franchise. So far, it looks like the perfect step for the franchise—if it maintains its core values. In April I shared concerns about “the Last of Us” HBO series–specifically, […]

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