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A New SU? | September 5, 2022

Students will have the opportunity to vote for two referendums to support a new SU building and expand the athletics department from Oct. 4-6. The referendums propose raising the Student Fee from $60 to $100 per semester, and the Intramural and Intercollegiate Athletics Fee from $45 per semester to $7...

McDermott library aims to create inviting space | September 5, 2022

The McDermott Library is currently undergoing various renovation projects to enhance UTD students’ study experiences and create a more welcoming and open environment. For the past few years, as UTD has drastically increased in physical size and population, several additions have been made to improve the library’s academic aura. The...

Vote ‘yes’ for the fee referendum | September 5, 2022

Vote ‘Yes’ to the upcoming student fee referendum vote on October 4. If you’ve ever been inside the Student Union at peak hours, you understand just how crowded the current building is. Peak lunchtime lines go up to an hour waiting for a Chik-fil-a sandwich, and once you get the...

Comics: 09/06/2022 | September 5, 2022

Student Art Showcase One staff, one guest artist send. Send art to to be featured. Advertisement Advertisement

“Bodies, Bodies, Bodies” imagines influencers as murderers | September 5, 2022

“You hate-listen to her podcast.” If you are Gen Z, this might sound like a light-hearted joke, even when made by a friend. But what if that friend was accusing you of murder? Every generation has their version of the classic “cabin in the woods” trope. A group of twenty-somethings...


“The Sandman” Brings Us The Dream TV Adaptation | September 5, 2022

Everyone has had dreams they didn’t want to wake from. From the mundane to the imaginative, these dreams can provide escapism from the monotony of the modern world. But where do dreams come from? Award-winning author and screenplay writer Neil Gaiman, answers this question in his graphic novel and Netflix...

“Law School” grants a motion for enjoyment | September 5, 2022

With law school applications opening at the beginning of this month, pre-law students must have a lot on their mind. So, why not unwind with a K-drama that gives you a false sense of productivity instead of watching “Criminal Minds” for the thousandth time? “Law School” follows a group of...

“Chicago” remains relevant 20 years later | September 5, 2022

As we enter the early years of the 2020s, we are one century distant from one of the wildest times in American history, the Roaring Twenties. There is no better time to revisit the movie “Chicago,” which is both set in the 1920s and recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Not...

Pedro Pascal Delivers As Daddy Once Again | September 5, 2022

“The Last of Us” is next in line to take over HBO’s flagship series “House of The Dragon” with new footage that promises to expand the franchise. So far, it looks like the perfect step for the franchise—if it maintains its core values. In April I shared concerns about “the...


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