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Farage apologizes after backlash from UTD community | July 25, 2022

On July 25, CS instructor Timothy Farage issued an official apology for wanting a “cure for homosexuality” in a letter to The Mercury. The following is what he said. “A week or so ago, I tweeted about an article dealing with monkeypox. The article said that a common way to transmit this disease was by […]

Comets ‘Bent’ on remembering Holocaust | April 25, 2022

With Holocaust Remembrance Day coming up on April 27, the UTD Theater’s spring play sheds light on an often-overlooked part of the horrors of Hitler’s regime: the persecution and murder of gay men. History is not kind, here, and neither is director Chris Treviño’s staging. The show’s listed content warnings—including but not limited to assault, […]

Comets report alleged food poisoning at Dining Hall West | April 25, 2022

Several Comets reported becoming ill after eating at Dining Hall West. UTD denied food poisoning allegations, however, and campus facilities passed the City of Richardson’s subsequent health inspection. The Mercury spoke with three students who became ill after eating at Dining Hall West on March 29, though many more filed reports of sickness. The source […]

How Comets Observe Ramadan | April 25, 2022

As the soulful call to prayer sounds, signifying sunset, healthcare freshman Siham Awel sinks her teeth into a chewy, sweet date—the first bite of sustenance she’s had in 16 hours. Awel and a sizeable contingent of Muslim Comets abstain from eating and drinking from just before sunrise to just after sunset for 30 days during […]

Service Dogs embark upon new journey | April 25, 2022

Despite a “ruff” year in quarantine, service-dogs-in-training Ohana and Winnie are set to graduate from the UTD SIT (Service-dog In Training) club this week and matriculate to a professional pathway with Canine Companions. For outgoing SIT president and business administration senior Aubrey Rowan, it’s a bittersweet occasion. “Ohana’s the second puppy I raised,” Rowan said. […]

Retrograde Reads: ‘Well’ | April 25, 2022

Maybe this book hit me so hard because I read it while violently ill, but I’d like to believe it’s more due to Sandro Galea’s sheer skill as a writer. Between a veritable horde of academic citations, clear explanations of a dizzyingly complex subject matters and an incredibly well-constructed argument for reforming the American healthcare […]

Dunn Brothers Coffee | April 25, 2022

Yet another northern coffee chain has transplanted itself into DFW in the last few years, but our particular local branch of Dunn Brothers Coffee arrived with some unique circumstances. Just down the road from the Walmart on Coit Road, Dunn Brothers looks an awful lot like an upscale Starbucks at first glance. Take a few […]

Comics: 04/25/2022 | April 25, 2022

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Calisthenics parks provide missing UTD fitness solution | April 25, 2022

The UTD gym does not provide enough space for students. This crowding problem will only get worse as the university grows, but all hope is not lost. Consider the idea of using the outdoor space already available on campus, instead of the hundreds of thousands of square footage involved in building a new facility. This […]

Participate in student orgs, campus events | April 25, 2022

Where did the year go? The pages of our academic calendars have flown by at a breakneck pace, propelled as if by an occult hand, and now we’re within a month of summer. It’s a good reminder to those of us who aren’t graduating this semester (they’ve already learned this lesson): your time in college […]

‘Last of Us’ TV show must learn from second game’s plot issues and controversies | April 25, 2022

HBO’s highly anticipated “The Last Of Us” TV show is leaking details like spores in a zombie outbreak. With its all-star cast, legendary source material and ludicrous budget, it could easily be the show to revitalize the series, but I believe only if it takes notes from the backlash to “The Last of Us: Part […]

SG? Never heard of ’em | April 25, 2022

Students have long stopped caring about Student Government, and with the conclusion of this spring’s elections, it doesn’t look like student government cares about themselves either. Oh, haven’t you heard? The Student Government elections took place about a month ago, from March 28 to March 30. You can be forgiven for potentially missing out on […]

‘Seconds’ highlights dangers of obsessing over past mistakes | April 25, 2022

Many of us wish we had the power to go back and change things. “Seconds” by Bryan Lee O’Malley explores that natural urge to alter past regrets, with the twist that our protagonist uses the powers of a house spirit to go back and change those small regrets we all obsess over. There are greater […]