Issue 04 11 2022


Eugene McDermott library looks to take disruptive student behavior off the books | April 11, 2022

Jumping on tables and sword fights with tube lights are just some of the ways students have been disrupting the McDermott Library’s quiet spaces, an SG representative said. With on-campus foot traffic now increasing, library officials seek to curb disruptive behavior with updated noise policies and new furniture to prevent cross-talk. The goal of the […]

Comets Giving Days contest opens doors to donations | April 11, 2022

Motivated to raise funds for their favorite campus programs, several student groups have spent the past week preparing doors for the annual Comets Giving Days door decorating contest. In keeping with a six-year tradition, the Comets Giving Days will take place from 10 a.m. on April 6 to 6:49 p.m. on April 7 for a […]

SG election Winners’ agendas | April 11, 2022

Student government elections have concluded, and next term’s executive officers have been decided. The Mercury sat down with cognitive science sophomore Kruthi Kanduri and public policy sophomore Margaret Moore to discuss SG’s future. (Interviews edited for concision) President-elect Kruthi Kanduri: What are your plans for the next academic year? “I think one thing that Margaret […]

Commencement to bring all Comets together | April 11, 2022

After hearing out student concerns about school-based graduations, the University is holding a new inaugural graduation celebration called the “All-University Commencement” to honor graduates across all schools. The “All-University Commencement” will be a grand processional open for all students graduating this Spring and those that graduated last Fall and summer. The celebration is set to […]

Powerful offense, consistent arms help Comets snap late March skid | April 11, 2022

Fresh off a series sweep against Sul Ross State, the Comet baseball squad continues to build momentum in their march towards the ASC Championship Tournament and their ultimate title defense. The Comets are ranked no. 13 nationally with a 20-6 record, remaining just a few games behind the first-place East Texas Baptist University in the […]

‘Overwatch’ team finishes top eight in dying esport | April 11, 2022

The “Overwatch” team finished the top eight in the last Overwatch Collegiate Championship of “Overwatch 1,” with the team facing the unique situation of trying to stay competitive in a game that is soon to die. After matching up against University of California-Irvine in the first round, the team had to start in the loser’s […]

Clubs try to revitalize in-person engagement after total return to campus | April 11, 2022

Readjusting to the resumption of in-person operations has created unique recruitment and leadership challenges for UTD student organizations and their leaders. The number of registered student organizations at UTD has grown from 389 in 2019 to 428 in 2022. This semester, 39 new student organizations are having to figure out how to operate in-person, a […]

International Week showcase diverse student talent at UTD | April 11, 2022

International Week at UTD returned to campus from March 28 to April 1, with cultures debuting award-winning foods and talents from across the world and making waves across campus. International Week (iWeek) has been an annual celebration hosted by International Programs every spring semester dating as far back as 2008, highlighting the many unique cultures […]

Retrograde Reads: ‘Timemaster’ by Robert L. Forward | April 11, 2022

Some books have fascinating premises that grab you right off the bat. Some books have well-written, clever dialogue and snappy explanations of scientific ideas backed by real experience. Some books have all of the above, and go on to be a thoroughly enjoyable story. Robert L. Forward’s “Timemaster” is not one of those books. While […]

‘Kimi’ tries to do far too much in too little time | April 11, 2022

If you have an Alexa, there could be Amazon employees listening through your audio at any point to improve voice recognition, unless you opt out of contributing user data. So, what would happen if one of these employees came across evidence of a violent crime? Would they try to report it? Or would Amazon avoid […]

Girl in Red, Holly Humberstone at the House of Blues in Dallas | April 11, 2022

Most indie fans are well aware of the holy trinity of bedroom pop: girl in red, Clairo and Beadoobee. They are known for their dreamy tunes that could very well be in a coming-of-age film soundtrack, but now many of these “bedroom pop” musicians are branching out into a variety of sounds. Marie Ulven Ringheim, […]

Dutch Bros Coffee | April 11, 2022

Not many restaurants, let alone coffee chains, claim to have a highly sociable drive through experience, but Dutch Bros Coffee provides a quick fix of energy – in more ways than one. Located about five minutes out from campus on Arapaho and West Shore is the closest chain location of Dutch Bros Coffee. It is […]

Will the real ‘Halo’ Master Chief please stand up? | April 11, 2022

Controversy and division among both critics and fans alike have turned Paramount Picture’s “Halo” series into a battlefield not even Master Chief might be able to win. But as much as I might be disappointed with it, there’s still potential to turn it around. With “Halo” greenlit for a second season, Paramount needs to take […]

‘Witchy’ comic explores societal dysfunction | April 11, 2022

We all get to an age where we face the struggle of realizing our community is dysfunctional, despite it seeming normal on the surface. Ariel Slamet Ries’s webcomic “Witchy”is an exemplary story that explores just that. “Witchy” centers around the witch kingdom Hyalin, where the strength of your magic is measured by the length of […]