International Flair

Arun Prasath
Staff Photographer
Linda Nguyen
Ranjit Sreenivas
Jennifer Chi

Students from all cultures come together to celebrate UTD’s annual iWeek. Festivities featuring food at Passport to the World, performances at the talent show and more.

International Talent Show — Indian Students Association, Bangladeshi Student Organization, FACSS Jasmine Blossom Dance Group and Solina Vong Cambodian Traditional Dance Dabke showcased performances from their cultures on April 3 in the Activity Center main gym.

Passport to the World — Students gathered in the Visitor Center Atrium on March 30 to explore the cultures of the world.

International Tea House On April 1, tea lovers came to the Student Union Galaxy Rooms to taste tea from around the world.

World Beats Party — On April 3, the Galaxy Rooms turned into an international dance party where revelers came garbed in cultural clothing.

Turban Day — Members of the Sikh Student Association brought their turban tying skills to the Plinth on April 2.

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