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Emergency services at UTD exist to make campus a safer place. Whether dealing with an issue that is medical, weather-related or otherwise, stay calm and remember that you are not alone.

UTD Police

Available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, UTD PD officers are fully commissioned, so they have the same authority as Richardson PD officers and can be contacted in emergencies by dialing 911. For non-emergent situations, students may call 972-883-2222, which rings directly to the 911 center at UTD.

University Emergency Medical Response Team

The University Emergency Medical Response team focuses on direct emergency medical care. A first-responder organization composed of EMT-certified students, UEMR has volunteers on standby every night to respond to 911 calls and provide emergency basic life support as well as first aid. Even when the Student Health Center is closed, EMTs serve the student body in cases including trauma, falls, breathing problems and more.

Sexual Assault

There are also services available for students who experience sexual assault. Through a partnership between Turning Point Rape Crisis Center and the Student Health Center, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner services are provided to students at no charge. The exam must be completed within the first five days of an assault occurs to preserve evidence, but the student is not required to report the assault to police in order to utilize the SANE service. More details are available on the Student Health Center website, including the hotlines for related services and information on filing a report.

Blue Light System

Blue poles stationed around campus serve as emergency call boxes, or e-phones, if a student needs help. Located at strategic points throughout the campus, these phones can be utilized by any individual who clicks the emergency call button. This line connects to the 24/7 UTD PD communications center and allows students to report an emergency even if they cannot access a phone.

Weather Emergencies

The Environmental Health and Safety Department handles weather emergencies, which could be anything from floods to tornadoes. A siren system alerts campus residents to emergencies, and residence halls along with most academic buildings are equipped with voice alert systems. In addition, the university will send weather-related text alerts to your registered phone number.


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