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Recent student deaths are our wake up call

By now you’ve probably heard: Two of our fellow students died this past week. Within that time, there has been a spike in...

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Editorial Board: As a community, we should address domestic violence

The deadliest mass shooting in Plano’s history, claiming the lives of five alumni, was a direct result of domestic violence. The Mercury stands...


Ed Board: Presidential, vice presidential candidates well-suited for uncontested positions

Because this year’s Student Government presidential and vice presidential candidates are running unopposed, the Editorial Board of The Mercury has decided to publish...


Editorial Board: We endorse Hillary Clinton for presidency

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate to vote for in the 2016 presidential election. She is one of the most qualified candidates to...


Low diversity in staff draws unnecessary attention

Dallas Morning News article criticizes UTD faculty for not representing enough racial backgrounds to reflect growing student population One of the things I...


Mercury story did disservice to veterans

Story, image draws criticism from subject of brain health piece I agreed to share my personal story with The Mercury to raise awareness...


Women’s basketball must play stout defense to advance in NCAA tourney

The women’s basketball team has had an excellent season so far, but it will have to continue its hot streak of stout defense...


…and the men’s issue?

In recognition of Women’s History Month, The Mercury set out to celebrate the best way its staff knows how: by telling stories. Throughout...


Muslims must stand for peace

Islam preaches tolerance, peace and understanding, and the voices that stand for these principles must be louder because there is simply too much...


Selfish students steal show

Peers have been condemning UTD students for their behavior at Kenan Thompson’s performance on campus, and rightfully so. On March 20, more than...


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