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Life & Arts

Comet shines as community leader through altruism

Junior marketing major Dylan Miles has been providing homeless individuals in Houston with warm, stylish hoodies since 2021 through his brand BetOnYourself, which...

Life & Arts

Blue jays come out of hiding for spring

A common sight in American suburbs, blue jays are among the most stunning backyard birds. They have bright blue patterned plumage on their...

Life & Arts

Gender studies minor opens students’ eyes to world issues

UTD’s gender studies minor gives students the opportunity to study and discuss how topics such as the gender pay gap, abortion and non-binary...

Life & Arts

UTD students crush most difficult math competition in nation, earn high ranks

UTD’s Putnam Team placed in the top 10 percentile of institutions at the most difficult undergraduate math competition in America on Dec. 3,...

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‘Outer Banks’ new season a treasure to behold

Welcome back to the Outer Banks, where you are sure to be immersed in the continuing clash between the elitist Kooks and the...

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La La Land: A FIX from your dreams

If you’re looking for good coffee, chill vibes and friendly service, you’re in luck. La La Land Kind Cafe is here to provide,...

Life & Arts

Plano boba shop offers rainbow of assorted drinks

Rainbow Teashop, a small and comfortable boba shop, accommodates all students’ taste preferences and is sure to have a delicious drink for anyone...

Life & Arts

Newest ‘Ant-Man’ installment disappoints fans

Cluttered, distracted and lackluster, “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” is the latest installment in the seemingly never-ending Marvel franchise and leaves the audience...

Life & Arts

#VOICED tackles social issues, represents social media generation

UTD seeks to bring awareness to the polarizing discussion around social media through “#VOICED,” a multimedia play written by Janelle Gray and directed...

Life & Arts

Minor focused on African American and African Diaspora Studies promotes equity on campus

A year has passed since the institution of the African American and African diaspora studies minor, or AAADS, which has provided a platform...

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