Battle of The Best: Cindi’s vs. Deli News

My love affair with New York style delis is nothing new.

In fact, my high school graduation dinner was even celebrated at Katz’s in Houston. When I moved here there was a moment of panic because I didn’t know where I could find the deli food I loved so much.
That didn’t last long. Here in lovely Richardson, we’re blessed with not one, but two NY delis.

First up, the near and dear favorite of many hungover students, Cindi’s NY Delicatessen. Conveniently located right next to the 24 Hour Fitness on Campbell, it’s the perfect place for undoing all of those miles you ran on the treadmill. But don’t despair, bask in it. Soak up the unhealthiness of what you’re eating and just go along for the ride.

Second, we have Deli News. While just under 10-15 minutes away, Deli News is still worth the trip for even the laziest student foodie. Like Cindi’s, it’s a fairly small restaurant so you can expect a short (10-15 minutes) wait on weekends. Just order a drink or visit the bakery counter for a black and white cookie and stick it out.

So first the differences. On the surface they’re pretty similar, both recognized by various Dallas publications, traditional NY diner decor, similar prices (more than an IHOP but let’s be real, it’s worth it,) and fairly similar menus. After multiple visits to both, I can boil it down to this: Go to Cindi’s for brunch/breakfast, and Deli News for lunch/dinner.
Cindi’s excels at breakfast. It’s their strength and they know it. You’ll show up groggy and hungover and walk out a new person thanks to their massive breakfast specials and waitresses quick on the coffee refills. Be sure to order the Corned Beef Hash with Eggs, hits the spot and if you’re like me you’ll walk out with leftovers for later. I’m personally a huge fan of Latkes, potato pancakes for the uninitiated, so be sure to order them here. Like any NY deli worth their salt, the bagels are always a good choice, go ahead and get an everything bagel with lox and salmon and let your inner New Yorker revel in it’s deliciousness.

So now you’ve had brunch and it’s mid-afternoon. Head on over to Deli News. The sandwich menu seems shocking at first with most clocking in around $11 but trust me when I say that sandwich will be bigger than your face. You’ll be eating leftovers for at least a meal after. If you’re lucky and there during dinner hours, you’ll be faced with an even bigger menu than earlier, with many more sides to choose from. I recommend the surprisingly good onion rings to round out your entree.
Throughout this experience, don’t be afraid to ask for advice from the waitresses on what to get, the menu may be never-ending but they know the ends and outs and can give you the best advice on what to order. You’ll walk away fat, happy, and hangover-free. Don’t forget to grab a traditional black-and-white cookie on your way out!

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