Day: February 26, 2024


A buzz for sustainability

Amid the festive atmosphere of Valentine’s Day, the Student Union Market turned into a hive of activity for the much-anticipated annual Comet Honey...


UTD community honors life of lost Comet with philanthropy

Abdul-Hadi Diwan, an interdisciplinary studies senior and beloved member of the campus community, died tragically in the late afternoon of Feb. 9 after...


Protesters crash Nikki Haley rally

In Dallas, protesting Comets interrupt Haley’s speech, disrupt rally with criticism and condemnations Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley spoke at a Dallas rally;...


Pathway to citizenship: the trials, triumphs of international students

Comets share how they handle the unique experience of being an international student. One in six Comets are international students More than 5,000...


The tragedy of the carts: skipping the corral puts us all in a cage of selfishness

Unreturned shopping carts in parking lots are society’s barometer for how much people care about others. And with a tiny bit of effort,...


Women in politics: local politicians connect with Comets

Texas House Representatives Cassandra Hernandez, Victoria Neave Criado, Mihaela Plesa and Averie Bishop led a women running for office panel on campus on...


Alum wins $5,000 Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship

Austin Rios, a UTD alumnus and second-year medical student at Southwestern, received the Martin Luther King award on Jan. 17, a $5,000 scholarship...


Former Vice Provost and renowned statistician dies at home

John Wiorkowski, retired Vice Provost and Professor Emeritus in UTD’s School of Management, died at his home on Feb. 6 at the age...


Passport to the World brings glimpses of life from abroad

UTD’s 2024 iWeek opened on Feb.19 with the Passport to the World festival, where students shared different foods, fashion and the history of...


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