Day: December 4, 2023


Bring our rocks back!

“Censorship.” “Cowardly.” “Bring our rocks back.” These were the sentiments expressed by students the morning of Nov. 20, when UTD administration removed the...


Don’t confuse holiday consumerism with a ‘giving spirit’

With the holiday season officially underway, sales from every store imaginable have begun to roll out without the slightest hint of stopping, turning...


Comets Protest in Capital for Ceasefire, Hostage Release

Comets joined thousands of students protesting in Austin, Washington D.C, and across the nation this November in support of immigrant workers’ rights, a...


The Thomsen Fund: Connecting Comets to world-class art

Computer science junior Kenneth Anttila finds himself within the arts district of Dallas again for his 25th event, this time listening to the...


Alumnus Jacky Chao inspiring young content creators

UTD alumnus Jacky Chao has turned his tech dream into a reality. From filming short movie clips inside the gym to getting featured...


Mediation places No.1 in international competition

UTD’s Mediation team ranked No. 1 at the International Alternative Dispute Resolution tournament from Nov. 9 to Nov. 11, taking first place for...


JFK and UTD: A 60 Year History

Paying tribute to the 60th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the McDermott Library provided a public collection of books, government reports, feature...


A week of protests for Spirit Rocks

Hundreds of impassioned Comets participated in a week of events protesting the Spirit Rocks’ Nov. 20 removal, organized by the Progressive Student Coalition....


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