Issue 12 04 2023

Bring our rocks back! | December 4, 2023

“Censorship.” “Cowardly.” “Bring our rocks back.” These were the sentiments expressed by students the morning of Nov. 20, when UTD administration removed the Spirit Rocks from campus. Admin claimed the rocks were never intended for “extended political discourse,” like the month long back-and-forth between pro-Israel and pro-Palestine groups before their removal. But this argument is […]

Don’t confuse holiday consumerism with a ‘giving spirit’ | December 4, 2023

With the holiday season officially underway, sales from every store imaginable have begun to roll out without the slightest hint of stopping, turning a time meant for charity into a season of unnecessary spending. Whether it be minimizing your purchases this sale season or donating to charities with the money you would have spent, students […]

Student Government passes resolution demanding Spirit Rocks return | December 4, 2023

With a nearly unanimous vote and resounding applause, Student Government passed S.R. 2023-08 on Nov. 28, a resolution demanding UTD reinstate the Spirit Rocks. UTD admin removed the Spirit Rocks from campus on Nov. 20, triggering immediate student backlash, including multiple petitions for SG to push against the decision. Over the following week, SG senator […]

World of Barbie | December 4, 2023

With luscious blond hair, cute outfits and an everlasting sway on most children’s playtime, Barbie is a household name. And now, doll lovers are welcome to take a trip to Barbie’s iconic dreamhouse at the immersive World of Barbie experience in Stonebriar, Frisco, created by a partnership between the minds of Mattel and Kilburn Media. […]

A week of protests for Spirit Rocks | December 4, 2023

Hundreds of impassioned Comets participated in a week of events protesting the Spirit Rocks’ Nov. 20 removal, organized by the Progressive Student Coalition. The coalition, also known as PSC, was formed earlier this month by a group of student organizations to promote progressive causes on campus, primarily calling for the reinstatement of the rocks and […]

Student Affairs removes Spirit Rocks for platforming ‘extended political discourse’ | December 4, 2023

The Spirit Rocks, UTD’s preeminent platform for student expression, were removed from campus Nov. 20 after “extended political discourse” about the conflict in Israel and Palestine, raising concerns of censorship. According to an early morning email from Student Affairs, recent messages on the rocks “have been inconsistent with their original purpose and guidelines,” and “extended […]

JFK and UTD: A 60 Year History | December 4, 2023

Paying tribute to the 60th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the McDermott Library provided a public collection of books, government reports, feature films, and documentaries. On the same day that hundreds gathered in Dealey Plaza for the anniversary of Nov. 22, 1963, the McDermott library put out 32 items from within the library on […]

Mediation places No.1 in international competition | December 4, 2023

UTD’s Mediation team ranked No. 1 at the International Alternative Dispute Resolution tournament from Nov. 9 to Nov. 11, taking first place for the fourth consecutive year and the fifth time in the past nine years. After winning at the IADR in Gainesville, GA, the three first-place champions, Michelle Elele, Sanjana Chandrasekar and Isabella Spartz […]

Alumnus Jacky Chao inspiring young content creators | December 4, 2023

UTD alumnus Jacky Chao has turned his tech dream into a reality. From filming short movie clips inside the gym to getting featured on The Washington Post for their content creation camp, Chao and four high school friends are using their love for all things tech to inspire a new generation of creators. Chao, who […]

The Thomsen Fund: Connecting Comets to world-class art | December 4, 2023

Computer science junior Kenneth Anttila finds himself within the arts district of Dallas again for his 25th event, this time listening to the beautiful sounds of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Along with dozens of other students, he can do this for free each month thanks to the Thomsen fund. The Thomsen Fund is a program […]

Comets Protest in Capital for Ceasefire, Hostage Release | December 4, 2023

Comets joined thousands of students protesting in Austin, Washington D.C, and across the nation this November in support of immigrant workers’ rights, a ceasefire in Gaza and the release of Israeli hostages. Political student organizations including UTD’s chapters of College Democrats, League of United Latin American Citizens, or LULAC, Hillel, Chabad and Students for Justice […]

Rookie Preview flips the script on sales program | December 4, 2023

UTD’s Pro Sales Concentration revealed plans for a revamp of Rookie Preview, its sales role-play scholarship mandatory for marketing majors. The new program, starting in spring, will give marketing students the opportunity to personally network with top companies. Rookie Preview is an opportunity for marketing students to kickstart their careers in the competitive field of […]

Remembering Abby Sterling | December 4, 2023

UTD Assistant Softball Coach Abby Sterling was hired in September 2022 and quickly made her mark both on the field and within the department. Tragically, just two weeks before Thanksgiving, Sterling passed away unexpectedly at 27 years old. A big personality and warm spirit, Sterling quickly made her presence felt within UTD Athletics. In Sterling’s […]

Women’s basketball kicks off final season as DIII school | December 4, 2023

After winning the American Southwest Conference last spring, the women’s basketball team has entered their last season as a Division III school with a 71-43 win against Austin on Nov. 15.  UTD will transition to a Division II school in spring, making this the last season the Comets will compete for an ASC championship. The […]

Senior Spotlight: Comet Baseball | December 4, 2023

Senior baseball players Ryan Vera (left) and Dylan Hughley (right). Photos courtesy of UTD Athletics At first glance, there is little similarity between Dylan Hughley and Ryan Vera: one studies computer science, the other business administration, and even on the baseball diamond, Hugley is right-handed while Vera throws with his left. But both have a […]

Athletics revamps look in preparation for Division II | December 4, 2023

UTD’s new Division II status isn’t the only recent change being made within the Athletic Department — a fresh new logo is now available on Comet gear for athletes and fans alike. The new Comets logo stays true to the spirit of the past logo, incorporating the name of our sports teams and mascot. Whether […]

The Fix: Authentic Yemeni Coffee Experience at Haraz | December 4, 2023

Haraz is a Yemeni coffee shop with locations across the country, including one in Plano off 14th Street, just a 15-minute drive from campus. Along with its variety of classic cafe items, its menu boasts traditional Yemeni drinks and a warm and elegant ambiance for early birds and night owls alike. Open from 7 a.m. […]

Laufey Puts On Dreamy, ‘From The Start’ | December 4, 2023

Icelandic singer-songwriter Laufey made the Dallas stop of her Bewitched tour on Nov. 11, singing infectious jazz tunes in a coquettish cowboy hat adorned with red bows. Laufey began her career with her 2021 “Typical of Me” EP, which shared her tendency to romanticize her mundane life for better or for worse. Her relatability and […]

Escape to Peace Middle East cafe | December 4, 2023

If you’re ­tired of the same chain coffee shops, try Peace Middle East for desserts, pastries, teas and unique coffee from Syria and Turkey. If you’d rather stick to your routine cup of joe, they also have typical cafe drinks to sip on while you bask in the location’s contemporary but comforting ambiance. Located seven […]

A Midsummer’s Night’s drag transforms campus with fantasy, charity, and unforgettable performances | December 4, 2023

Chi Alpha Iota transformed the SSA stage into a fantasy wonderland through the Shakespearean theme of “A Midsummer’s Night’s Drag” on Nov. 4 and Nov. 11. In the fifth annual installment of XAI’s drag show, performers made full use of the stage, dancing and weaving through the aisles. Comets danced and lip-synched to songs like […]

Sorcerers of Showmanship | December 4, 2023

In a dark auditorium, magicians command the stage with cards in hand, choosing audience members to be the guinea pigs of the classic trick “is this your card?” The annual magic show hosted by the UTD magic club created an inviting atmosphere full of laughter and bewilderment that left spectators intrigued as to the secrets […]

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Revives the Franchise with New Faces and Characters | December 4, 2023

The newest addition to the Hunger Games franchise, “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,” offers longtime fans and casual viewers the chance to revisit the world of Panem from a new perspective, 64 years before Katniss is reaped. “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” released in theaters on Nov. 16, earning $46.1 million domestically just […]

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