Day: August 19, 2019


Born Equal

Exploring one pro-life organization’s selective outrage In his opinion piece, “Why We Stand for the Victims,” Michael Lockwood — the founder of Comets...


The ‘Sport’ in Esports

Why competitive gaming is a sport Esports, short for “electronic sports,” has taken the world by storm with its lavish tournaments, millions of...


Men’s Soccer Sets Sights on Championship

Team strives for more goals this season, hopes mid-August preparation will help players through upcoming fall matches After taking a summer break, the...

Life & Arts

Military Student Finds Her Place at UTD

Navy veteran gives insight into years of military service, transition back into college As servicemen leave the armed forces, finding work in the...

Campus NewsNews

Sleep Not Top Priority for Students: Why It Should Be

Survey results show that only one-third of respondents at UTD regularly receive recommended number of hours of sleep  Look through any student’s calendar,...

Editor's PicksFeatured

50 Years of UTD

“We are not the MIT of the plains, nor do we seek to be. We are a great university. We are the University...


Turning Point Reaches Agreement on Plan B Concerns

Council members advise continued financial support for non-profit after dispute over emergency contraceptive, abortion Following concerns from Plano city council members that threatened...


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