Day: March 6, 2017

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Tutoring company uses peer education

Interested tutors can now find opportunities at an education company which is working with the Venture Development Center at UTD to connect peer...

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ATEC game library reopens

ATEC’s Games and Media Library, which closed for renovation last semester, reopened in February. The library has moved to a bigger room with...

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DACA students fearful after recent ICE raids

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that began in early February in Dallas, as well as other major cities in Texas, have raised...


Liberal ideology hypocritical about free speech

In the political sphere, the term “regressivism” is ambiguous. Yet, one meaning can be derived after realizing that acting hypocritically about freedom of...

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Students lose thousands in scams

The Information Security Office and the UTD police department are aiding students and alumni targeted by recent email and phone scams. In the...

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Northside’s Phase 2 under construction

UTD students can expect more housing options in 2018 as construction begins on the second phase of Northside. Northside is the luxury apartment...

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‘A Need for Awareness’

As her dream of becoming a Dallas Stars dancer drew closer, Hayley Briscoe found herself spending more time in a studio surrounded by...


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