Day: October 20, 2014

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Residential affairs committee chair Akshitha Padigela announced the committee is looking into rent-a-room services for dorms on campus. This will allow visitors on...

Life & Arts

The Science of Scares

Every year around Halloween, millions of people participate in activities that celebrate spooky and eerie aspects with one thought in mind: to be...


Just The facts

Campus NewsNews

Students, staff propose sustainable ideas for campus at green fair

Students presented science-fair-style projects displaying green initiatives and environmentally sustainable ideas for the campus on Oct. 9 at the annual Green Fair. The...

Campus NewsNews

New online tool offers data on job prospects, wages

As of last week, current and incoming students at the undergraduate and graduate levels across Texas can use seekUT, a new website that...




Forest 3


Soccer teams reach season midpoint

Coaches point out highlights, areas for improvement as postseason approaches, playoff race starts to heat up With the midway point for conference play...


Familiar Faces

Research prof explores facial recognition, what makes faces memorable Every time someone looks at a face, neurons are at work. They are storing...


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