Day: April 14, 2014

Life & Arts

Contemporary exhibit explores vulnerability

The artwork currently lining the walls of the Visual Arts Building looks nothing like usual art museum fare.  Instead, five co-curators have collaborated...

Life & Arts

Forced ‘Rio’ sequel lacks vision

Musical comedy film features pleasant animation but pushes unnecessary subplots, weak characters The experience of watching the animated family film “Rio 2” is...


Inexperienced softball team improving in spite of recent losses

The UTD softball team defeated the University of Dallas in two nonconference games on April 1 before losing three conference games to UT...


Consistency key to ASC success

Baseball team looks to end unpredictable form in final stretch of regular season to prepare for post-season tourney As the season starts to...


NCAA must reform fiscal rules

Student-athletes should be treated as university employees, must receive pay, health benefits A blow has finally been struck in the fight for the...


Campaign hits $200 million fundraising goal

After more than four years and 22,000 total contributions, UTD has met its goal of raising $200 million for the Realize the Vision...


Unlimited political contributions pave way for continued inequality

The April 2 Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission removing the last remaining limits on political contributions is troubling for...


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