Day: September 17, 2004


Radio UTD brings live music with Rocktoberfest

Radio UTD is staying true to its listener base with its second eclectic, live concert Rocktoberfest Oct. 1 “We want to expose people...


Men’s soccer begins play

When UTD men’s soccer coach Jack Peel scheduled the Division III defending national champions for an early-season match-up, he said he knew what...


ZBT aims to defend Comet Cup

The chase for the fourth annual Comet Cup has begun with the start of another intramural sports season. And although excitement abounds, controversy...


UTD alumnus files class-action suit against UC System

Around the world, UTD alumni continue to excel at their post-graduate endeavors. One such alumnus is Mo Kashmiri, a graduate of University California-Berkley...


1,100 chime in on posting

UTD garnered the national attention of the technological community Sept. 9 when computer science sophomore Chris Skalenda posted news of Information Resources’s (IR)...


Letters to the editor

<strong>Fed up with fees, parking</strong> Am I the only one, or do we keep having to pay more, every semester, for less? $260...


Kashmir conflict explored through ‘BExchanged’

Three UTD artists will combine dance, music, movies, voice and culture in an attempt to shine light on a dark issue. The conflict...


UTD Police Scanner

<strong>Sept. 2</strong> A non-affiliated person was arrested at Waterview Park (WP) for three outstanding warrants from the Plano Police Department. UTD Police responded...


BrainHealth Center lecture delves into teenage brain

Contrary to popular belief, teenagers aren’t aliens from other planets. They’re not possessed, they’re not mutants and they’re not diseased. Such was the...


Cartoon Corner

<strong>Black & White</strong> by Luke McKenzie… <strong>”Pickles Count as Vegetables”</strong> by Leslie Dixon…


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