Letters to the editor


<strong>Fed up with fees, parking</strong>

Am I the only one, or do we keep having to pay more, every semester, for less?

$260 for computer lab fees… and the power is off, and the building closed after 9 p.m.

Not to mention that $250 infrastructure fee for new a Business building and Apartments and, I guess, now cabling for electricity.

Did I mention there are still no parking spaces available? $125 for a parking pass that will hopefully have a space on my side of campus available, and what does the university do? Close another parking lot… all of which is Gold (good thing I spent that extra $50)!

Just to add insult to it, the university pays a guy to drive around and write us tickets if we park in the wrong place because we have spent 20 minutes driving around looking for a space and didn’t want to walk across the entire campus, but even he is too lazy to walk from one parking lot to the other, and he is being paid for it.

<em>-Chris Lumley, Computer Science, Senior</em>

<strong>Time to reboot computer lab</strong>

I am writing to express my disappointment with the PCs available to students in the computer lab located in ECSS. When I first started at UTD about a year and a half ago, the PCs were almost all brand-new with all the hardware intact and working, and operating systems installed.

Now when I go to this lab, 80 percent of the time, the “legs” on the keyboard are broken, the mouse may not work at all and there’s about a 60 percent chance I might be able to log into the PC.

Yesterday, my CS3375 class met in the lab, and most students had to hunt for working PC. I had to try logging on to four PCs before finding one that worked – the first three were all completely locked up when I first arrived, and upon rebooting gave me a “domain not found” error.

I sincerely hope all the money we are paying for tuition and fees will be used to repair or replace these PCs soon.

<em>-Brian Long, Computer Science, Junior</em>

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