ZBT aims to defend Comet Cup

The chase for the fourth annual Comet Cup has begun with the start of another intramural sports season. And although excitement abounds, controversy has arisen over the scoring system.

The controversy involves three-time defending champion, fraternity Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT). The current cup scoring system gives an advantage to large organizations like ZBT because they can enter more teams and individuals.

Intramural Coordinator Steve Anderson acknowledges complaints, but notes sportsmanship and accomplishments are a larger part of determining the final points.

The intramural scoring system has been adjusted this year to put more emphasis on the outcome of each competition.

“It might seem a little unfair,” Anderson said. “But ZBT wins because of the results, not because they have more people participating.”

Despite these scoring adjustments, a new system has been proposed for next year. The new system would create a division for fraternities and a division for all other independent associations.

President of ZBT, Michael Hoglan, doesn’t believe the proposal is beneficial.

“I don’t think that is a good idea,” Hoglan said. “We want to compete against all the organizations, not just the fraternities.”

While the intramural champions win the Comet Cup, the victors in each sport receive a championship t-shirt and their picture on the school’s intramural website.

“It’s not just about the competition though,” Anderson said. “People get a chance to work out, blow-off stress and make networking connections.”

Some sports such as flag football are popular and well attended. Games occasionally generate attendance in excess of 300 people.

“We encourage people to go out and play,” Hoglan said. “We want to have fun, but at the same time still be competitive.”

While ZBT has been dominant for three years, the Kappa Sigma fraternity has finished second each of those years. They provide a strong adversary to the champions.

“You can tell there is definitely some tension there,” Anderson said. “They play tough, but clean.”

To involve more people, dodgeball and Texas Hold ‘Em poker have been added to the schedule.

Anderson has also proposed adding a cricket tournament to the spring line-up. He believes a cricket event will entice international students to participate.

“The past couple of years have been very traditional,” Anderson said. “We are trying to branch out and get everyone involved.”

Turnout for intramural games is up 30 percent this season, but Anderson hopes to get more students involved.

“It’s free” Anderson said. “You might as well try it.”

Fall sports will include dodgeball, basketball, power lifting, flag football, poker, miniature golf, soccer, racquetball and volleyball.

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