Day: September 3, 2004


Mexico Studies collaboration to promote scholarships

As a sign of goodwill between two international educational institutions, UTD officials from the Center for U.S.-Mexico Studies and the Monterrey Institute of...


Students say new facility worth noise, dust

Students lifting weights and shooting three-pointers aren’t the only activities occuring these days at the UTD Activity Center. Outside, construction has begun on...


‘Exorcist’ prequel scary, possessed by its own demons

Were it a stand-alone feature, Renny Harlin’s “Exorcist: the Beginning” would merely be a sub-par campy horror movie. However, in the shadow of...


Cartoon Corner

<strong>UTD medals at the Olympics…</strong> <strong>McDermott Library’s Millionth Book…</strong> <strong>Girltrouble</strong> by Michelle Gruben…


Sports Briefs 09/07/04

<strong>Power Dancers to hold tryouts Sept. 14</strong> The UTD Power Dancers have announced the dates for their audition of new members for the...


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